If you're like most people, the dress socks in your sock drawer are probably all black.

But if you're looking for something a little more fun to wear, consider these twelve dress socks that will make your feet happy!

Whether it's an outrageous color or crazy design, these designs are guaranteed to put some pep in your step and make sure everyone knows how much fun you're having on your big day. These socks will ensure that you're dressed to impress, and your feet will love the attention!

Whether you are part of the groomsmen or a guest, check out our guide below on the top 12 fun dress socks for weddings.


1. Cheery Blue & Green Argyle Socks

Wearing socks that match the bridesmaid dresses is a great way to show your appreciation for them, but these festive and colorful argyle dress socks will really make the boys stand out.

This twist on a classic pattern will make sure that your feet stand out on your big day without going over the top.


2. Yellow & Blue Polka Dot Socks

How could you not smile when you see a pair of these eye-catching polka dot socks? These socks might be fun, but they're still elegant enough for a wedding.

Polka dots are always amusing, and they look great on anyone.  In fact, these would make an excellent choice for your best man or father of the bride!


3. The Bubbly Bunch Striped Socks

These socks are sure to be the talk of your long walk down the aisle.

They're an excellent way to add some personality to your look but still keep it fun. The colors are great for a spring or summer wedding, and they remind us a bit of a glass of Champagne!

One lift of your pants leg later, and you'll have everyone around the table asking where they can get a pair. 

The bright print is on-trend and makes these dress socks excellent for a fun wedding!

4. Spring Bloom Floral Socks

These are ideal for your big day if you're looking to add a pop of floral elegance.

The Spring Bloom Socks are a must-have for your special day and offer a fun and stylish alternative to the traditional white sock.

The floral pattern is a great way to add style while still keeping it subtle, and they're perfect for a summer or spring wedding!


5. Yellow Ducks in The Water

These socks will quack your guests up!

The design is sure to make you stand out in the crowd and will make for some fun photo-ops. The bright yellow rubber duckies are cheerful and happy.

They're a trendy addition to any outfit and will make everyone around you smile. A fabulous accessory for a summer, spring, or Easter wedding!


6. Tetris Socks

If you want to add some color and fun to your wedding, add a pair of these Tetris Socks.

It's simple enough that it doesn't take away from the rest of your outfit but also stands out on its own.

They are sure to get some laughs! A geeky twist on the classic black sock, these Tetris Socks will add some modern flair to your wedding!

They're also a great way to keep things casual since they'll go with just about anything you wear them with!


7. Pink Swan Socks

If you want to make a statement at your wedding, these are for you.

These socks are perfect if you're doing an outdoor or beach wedding - they'll keep your feet warm while still remaining stylish.

The bright and colorful pattern is playful, will stand out, and is sure to light up the room!

They can be worn for more than just your nuptials. Wear them on an anniversary trip, at a garden party, or any other occasion you can think of!

The pink tones are fitting for a more vibrant wedding!


8. Skateboarder Socks

If you're looking for dress socks for a laid-back wedding, these Skateboarder Socks are just what you need.

They can go with any type of shoes, making them one of our favorite picks! They're a great way to add a fun, casual touch to any outfit.

The playful design is terrific for adding some style to your wedding outfit, but they can also be casual enough that you can wear them with just about anything if you want.


9. Navy Blue Pinky Pac Man Socks

Remember the arcade with its bright neon lights and iconic characters?

These socks celebrate that time with a fun blend of color.

Perfect if you want to add some 80s or 90s nostalgia to your outfit, these socks will remind everyone of the past.

If you love gaming or Pac-Man specifically, then these are a must-have!


10. Blue Tropical Socks

These tropical socks will remind you of sunsets over the ocean or palm trees swaying in the breeze.

They're a great way to keep things casual and bring some color into your outfit.

If you love the tropics, these socks are a fun addition to any beachy wedding!

These socks will be great if your honeymoon destination has a tropical theme, but they're also superb for any island wedding.


11. Wooden Toy Truck Socks

These wooden toy truck socks are perfect for adding a rustic touch to your wedding outfit.

Great for fall and winter weddings!

They look like they could have been pulled right from a child's toy box and will add a playful touch to your special day.

These socks show that you're still a kid at heart and are sure to be a big hit with guests of all ages.


12. Teal Delight Checkered Socks

The ultimate pop of color to your outfit, these socks will add a vintage touch to your ensemble.

The perfect accessory if you're planning a nighttime wedding or cocktail party!

The light and dark contrast of the checkered pattern makes them look great and is sure to get you noticed!


We hope you enjoyed reading about these fun dress socks, and we encourage you to check out our complete inventory of even more fun socks that are perfect for adding to your wedding day, whether you're the groom or just a guest.

We guarantee that we'll have something that will suit every person and outfit, so check out our products today!