In need of a gift for your co-worker? Look no further as we have compiled the top socks that will make any office worker happy!

Whether you're looking to gift yourself or someone else, our list has something perfect for everyone.

We have compiled a list of 10 different socks that will suit any personality type and occasion! Find the perfect white elephant gift idea this holiday.


Dress Socks

Red & Navy Blue Striped Socks

When it comes to dress socks, black goes with everything. If you’re particular about your sock height, get ones that come up higher on the calf or in mid-calf length. You could also choose brown if you don't feel comfortable wearing the same color all the time.

Patterned or colored dress socks are perfect for those who want to be a bit more stylish in the office. You can pick from different designs like classic stripes and novelty prints like hearts and stars.


Polka Dot Socks

Bold Blue Polka Dot Socks

It turns out polka dot socks aren't just great for making your feet look good. In a recent study, researchers found that those who wore polka dots had increased self-confidence and felt happier about themselves.

Researchers believe this is because the spots trick your mind into thinking you've made a bold fashion choice.

The upside to wearing these styles? Wearing them will make you feel more confident in yourself while simultaneously brightening up your day!


Solid Socks

Black Dress Socks

Want to have a neutral look? Solid socks are the best option!

Whether the dress code is casual or formal, solids will blend in so that you look nice but not over-the-top fancy. They can be worn with dress shoes or casuals, and they go well under boots.


Striped Socks

The "Bright Stripes" Sock Set

Striped socks are a safe bet because they're classic and professional but still bold enough to make sure that your co-workers don't overlook them.

Striped socks are great for all seasons. They're lightweight, breathable, and they come in a ton of colors to choose from.

On top of that, these socks look professional, so you can wear them at work without any worry of distracting your co-workers.


Famous People Socks

George Washington Socks

These are great socks to highlight your favorite icon. Huge fan of George Washington, Cleopatra, or have a favored artist like Van Gogh or Michelangelo? You can now show your appreciation by sporting some colorful socks with his face on them.

With different colors and multiple historical figures, you can stay trendy while highlighting your favorite icon.


Animal Socks

Pinch Me Lobster Socks

Animal socks are a fun and creative piece to add to your next work outfit.

Animal socks come in various animals, including sharks, cats, dogs, ducks, owls, and even dinosaurs.

These socks are a great way to spice up your outfit, as well as keep your feet warm during the cold winter months.

Lately, animal sock styles have been on the rise, with trendy young adults focusing more on their appearance with quirky and unique outfits.

With animal print socks, it's easy to dress up any outfit with a playful personality.


Holiday Socks

The Gingerbread Man Christmas Socks

Holiday socks are the perfect way to celebrate the season. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas around the corner, who couldn't use a couple more pairs of festive socks?

West Socks has an entire line that is dedicated to bringing holiday spirit into any outfit or occasion. If you're throwing a Halloween party, putting on your best suit and tie, or just want to get into the Christmas spirit, holiday socks at the office are the way to go.


Odd Socks

The 18th Green Golf Socks

Forget the standard black and grey socks. Odd styles are a fun twist for any outfit at work! They are great for pairing with jeans or slacks.

With more workplaces allowing employees to show more of themselves, odd socks can add a fun twist to any outfit at the office.


Argyle Socks

Argyle Ocean Side Socks

Argyle socks can be worn for formal events and occasions, but this pattern has become essential in many business wardrobes.

Wearing argyle socks can be a great way to dress up your business outfit, as they come in many colors and will match any tie.


Plaid Socks

Christmas Plaid Socks

These traditional socks are a great way to spice up an outfit! Make a statement with bold plaids or keep it simple with a subtle design.

Plaid has been around since the 16th century. This fantastic pattern can be used to give your wardrobe a unique flair.


Fun Socks

Black Beer Socks

With so many fun styles to choose from, it will be hard to decide which ones to buy. You may just decide to add every pair to your collection.

If you want to have socks that keep your colleagues guessing what you will wear next, then you need to check out the fun and crazy socks that West Socks has to offer.



If you are looking for your next pair of office socks, look no further than right here. Our list of office socks has something for everyone, from the fashion-conscious to the comfort-obsessed.

Make sure you stock up on a few pairs of fun socks before your next company meeting!