If you know someone who loves their pet, here is a list of our top 10 gifts for pet lovers in 2021. If you're looking to find the perfect gift for that special someone who loves their dog like one of the family, this blog post is just what you need. We hope that this list will give you some great new ideas!

#1 Best Gift Idea for Pet Lovers

Our top pick is sure to have any pet lover super excited to receive a pair of these. These pet socks are not only comfy but will have your pet lover stylishly wearing them around for years to come.

This is an easy and affordable gift that any pet lover would be happy to receive. These socks come in a wide variety of colors and have different pets to choose from, so any pet lover will be ecstatic with socks that match their favorite pet.

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#2 Animal Planter

Every pet lover will love one of these cute animal planters. These unique and fun planters are a way for anyone to be able to connect with their favorite animals, even when they're not around!

It's also great if you want something to spruce up your home while still being safe for pets. There's nothing like having live plants to help the air quality in your home.

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#3 Custom Coffee Mug

A custom coffee mug is a great way to show your pet lover that you are thinking about them. Now they can drink all of their morning joe or tea and enjoy it while looking at their beloved companion.

These mugs are perfect for any occasion. The picture on the front is customizable to show off their favorite animal friend. You can even add some personal text on the back for an extra special touch!

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#4 Personalized Pillow

Consider gifting that pet lover a customized pet pillow. You can choose from many different breeds and even add a personal touch to the design!

These pillows will allow a pet lover to have an even closer connection with their furry friend as they lay down. The gift will last as long as it doesn't become another chew toy for their furbabies!

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#5 Custom Animal Tag

Custom animal tags are the perfect gift because they are unique and personal! You can customize the shape, size, color, engraving design, font type, and more to make it look exactly how you'd like.

Don't be fooled by the size; the meaning will surely make up for it. Show someone you care about that you recognize their love for their pet friend with a unique sentiment.

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#6 Personalized Pet Bed

Personalized Pet Beds are a great way to give that pet lover a gift that their best friend can enjoy. Pets love being comfortable and relaxed in their own space, so why not buy them an adorable bed that they can call their own?

The Pet Initials Personalized Dog Bed has got you covered with its complete print design on the front, which is suitable for any pet's living room or bedroom! Your pet lover will be happy to unwrap this incredible gift and give it to their pet family.

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#7 Pet Puzzle

Make someone's day with a Personalized Pet Photo Heart Puzzle. They will enjoy the fun of putting the puzzle together and seeing a photo of their furry friend as the finished project!

This is a fun and interactive gift that they can enjoy time after time. A pet lover will never get bored recreating this puzzle time after time to see their furry friend.

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#8 Animal Cookies

Want to send the pet lover in your life a unique gift? This tasty pet cookie bouquet will do just that!

These adorable cookies make for an excellent present. Each sugar cookie is freshly baked, then expertly hand-decorated delicious icing before being delivered at the doorstep of your special pet lover friend.

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#9 Pet Pajamas

Custom pet pajamas will keep that pet lover warm with the comfort of their best pal on them. These adorable animal PJs are made from silky-soft and comfy fabric and customized to have their favorite friend on them.

This is a perfect gift to give that person something to wear and be comfy when their lounging around the house. Their special friend will never be far away with these pajamas on.

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#10 Pet Photo Tote Bag

Let your best friend tag along with you on errands or more extended trips! This customized tote bag will allow your pet lover to carry along their favorite companion no matter where they are.

Offer this gift to your favorite pet lover friend. An excellent way for them never to leave home without their companion again! They will be able to take it with them on the road or while shopping at the mall.

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We hope that this list will give you some great new ideas! There are so many fabulous choices it will be hard to narrow down just one. If you are looking for fun animal socks then shop WestSocks today. Animal lovers love these socks. Shop men's & women's