There is nothing more important than the perfect pair of socks for your groomsmen. It's one of those things that you might not have even thought about, but when it comes to your special day, you want it to be memorable.

Your groomsman will be accompanying you down the aisle, sharing this special moment with you. In this guide, we will give you some tips on choosing the perfect groomsman socks!


Why wear socks at all?

Why should your groomsman wear socks? The answer is simple: it's always more comfortable when wearing socks, especially at a wedding. Wearing socks will make your groomsmen more relaxed, which will keep them standing tall and proud at the altar. The comfortable feeling will also extend to the bride and groom since they won't worry about their guests' comfort.


The importance of choosing the right color

Choosing the colors for a wedding is a big deal. When it comes to groomsmen socks, you want to choose colors that match or at least compliment their outfits, but you don't want to choose colors that are too similar to the groomsmen outfits because the socks will get lost in the ensemble.

You might even consider going with neutral-colored socks so they can work in any color outfit. If you choose to go the fun route, ensure everyone is on board. One pair of plain colored socks can ruin the excitement of this monumental occasion.




How to choose the perfect groomsman socks

The best way to find a pair of socks is by asking your friends what they would like to wear. If you have a very picky friend about his socks, work together to find something perfect that he will love.

You want your groomsman to be pleased with their sock choice because you don't want them to feel left out. It'll also make them happy to know you care about their look. 

Here's an idea - get together your groomsmen to decide what style you'll agree on. From there, you can choose for everyone to have the same pattern, or each one could have their own design showcasing their personality. This would make a fun photo op!


Tips for finding your perfect pair of socks

Make sure they are comfortable and not too tight around the toes or ankles. If they are too tight, your feet will be smushed and sore all day.

If there's a chance it could rain, go with a pair of athletic or quick-drying socks. This will prevent slippery walking and falling on your face in front of everyone you love.


Mid-calf socks vs. ankle socks

High socks are an excellent choice for a more formal wedding like a traditional church wedding. Ankle socks would be great if you have a more casual outdoor wedding, like at the beach or in a meadow.

Most men will wear either type of socks, so it's up to you to decide what kind of look you'd like for your wedding, depending on the setting.


Benefits of mid-calf socks

Hands up - who loves high socks? If your groomsmen are ultra-fashionable, choosing a pair of fancy socks is an easy way to make your men's wedding attire pop. Mid-calf socks are super functional and can pair with sneakers or brogues for a trendy or classic look. 

The advantage of mid-calf socks is that they're both comfortable and versatile. Depending on the season, you can choose from cotton or lightweight wool for spring/summer or opt for 50% wool content to keep your feet warm in autumn and winter. You'll want to choose a pair that your groomsmen will be able to wear throughout the entire day comfortably. Shop fun socks here.



Benefits of ankle socks

If you're looking for a fun, cheeky pair of socks for your groomsmen, go for ankle-length knitwear to make them stand out from the crowd. The beauty of these is that they can be worn with almost anything – jeans as part of a casual look or teamed with crisp chinos and polished loafers on formal occasions. 

Especially in the summer months, a pair of lightweight ankle socks are ideal for added breathability. The advantage of crew and quarter-length socks is that their shorter length means they're less likely to be seen peeking out from your groomsmen's shoes, whether they're low-cut loafers or smart oxfords. Shop ankle socks here.




In conclusion, we hope you have found these insights helpful. We know that finding the perfect groomsman socks can be challenging, especially when there are so many different options.

No matter what type of sock you choose for your wedding day, West Socks will ensure your groomsman are confident and comfortable in a pair of our high-quality socks.