So often socks are an accessory pushed to the back of our mind when it comes to refreshing or updating your wardrobe. Socks are one of the hardest-working items in our wardrobe, they keep our feet cozy and warm on cold winter days, make sure our shoes don’t rub our feet and provide a cushion between the streets and our daily step count! So given your socks endure an enormous amount of protecting our feet, you might be wondering how often you need to replace them? Along with the hard work, they perform daily, their laundry requirements, general wear and tear (no one likes a sock with holes!) you might be wondering how often you might need to purchase socks? Before we delve a little deeper into when you need to buy a pair of high quality, well-crafted, colorful, patterned socks, Let’s take a look at the short answer. How often should I buy new socks? If you simply need to update your underwear collection, If your socks are discolored, have lost their elasticity, have developed uncomfortable holes, have disappeared or got lost in the laundry or even if you have a gift to buy for someone special, it’s time to buy some new socks! So now we’ve seen a brief insight into your potential sock purchasing requirements, let’s start by taking a look at 6 reasons your sock wardrobe might need an update and some other sock buying situations. Let’s get going with a problem we may have all encountered from time to time, discoloration of our sock wardrobe.



We’ve all experienced buying a funky new pair of funky polka dot or colorful argyle socks, only to find your shoe stain has made its way onto your great new sock wardrobe. It’s frustrating when your classic paisley socks have a nasty black stain, maybe from rubbing on your track or work shoes. Not great if you are perhaps visiting your mother, or worst of all, your new girlfriend! No matter how much you wash them, it doesn’t disappear! So what do you do?


What to do

Make sure you keep your feet uber clean with daily showers as sometimes a sweat build-up can cause the discoloration. We also recommend using a shoe tree to prevent your shoes from sagging and coming into contact with your socks. Change your shoes regularly and of courses It goes without saying, buying high-quality socks will prevent color bleed.

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“It’s frustrating when your classic paisley socks have a nasty black stain,

maybe from rubbing on your trainers or work shoes.”


Loss of elasticity

It can be really annoying when your favorite funky patterned work socks suddenly lose their elasticity and the heel starts to droop, not to mention when your socks suddenly start to wrinkle around your shoe. It’s not a good look! Rushing off to your business meeting when your socks let you down is frustrating, to say the least!


What to do

This is the time to Invest in a sock selection, maybe a well made funky striped collection would not just make sure you aren’t rocking a wrinkled and unattractive sock ensemble, but would also inject some personality into your workday. It can often be that once the elastic has gone in one pair, all your socks are likely to suffer the same fate! So take those old nasties straight to the trash and buy a brand new set! Buying a patterned sock set containing the same style and color socks is a great idea too as if one or two of your socks start to lose their elasticity, you can pair good ones together and simply throw away the offenders. Once again, it goes without saying to invest in top quality, well-made socks. So now let’s get on to one of the most frustrating sock issues, holes in your socks!!



Ok, so this little frustration seems to happen far too often! One day your socks are perfect and like new, the next you are sitting at your office desk or worst of all in your wedding suit and you can feel that familiar uncomfortable feeling of a toe poking out of your socks! So why is it that some socks get holes in them more often? And is there anything you can do to extend the life of your socks and prevent those irritating peaky little holes appearing? Let’s take a look below


Don’t walk on your toes

Sometimes your walking gait can affect the longevity of your socks, those who rock towards their toes could find they are more likely to find a toe peeping through their otherwise intact sock! Obviously wearing high quality and well-made socks can help to alleviate this. Robust stitching and good quality materials such as Spandex, known for its excellent elasticity, naturally hard-wearing cotton and the strength of man-made fibers such as nylon. Although it requires some thought to change the way you walk, as it results from the way your entire body is constructed, it could be just the motivation you need!

Trim Your Toenails!

The longer your toenails grow, the sharper they become. If you let them get too far out of control, they can poke holes in your socks and potentially cause pain by getting jammed in your shoes or becoming ingrown. In order to keep your toes comfortably well and truly inside your socks, Experts recommend trimming your toenails at least every six to eight weeks.


Runaway socks

Most people at one time or another have experienced the black hole or Bermuda Triangle that is where all your odd socks live! Why is it that although socks only live in your laundry basket, drawers or washing machine, they end up in all kinds of unlikely places such as underneath sofa cushions, hiding in a dark recess of your closet, or more often than not, in your partners’ underwear drawer!


What can you do?

So once your sock wardrobe begins to deplete by the tricky and elusive God of Lost Socks, it’s time to take control and buy some new ones! Maybe funky argyle, a cool set of multi-colored striped ones to inject a bit of fun into your workday, some classic paisley maybe for your big day or a special celebration.

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So now that we’ve looked at some potential sock issues you might encounter requiring a whole new sock wardrobe, let’s take a look now at how socks can provide the perfect solution to your gift requirements!


A gift

Socks can often have a poor reputation as a gift. How often do they bring back memories of well-meaning aunts and uncles buying a multi-pack of cheap socks from a late opening supermarket, the day before a celebration! Or sometimes they are seen as being anonymous or the gift to give that requires very little of the giver! Let’s turn that on his head and give your loved ones, friends a family, the gift of a fabulously designed colorful sock collection! Right through from classic paisley and argyle to a sock set for music, food and even space lovers!


To finish on…

So there you go! We hope to have given you some great reasons to buy awesome socks made from high-quality fabrics designed to be long-lasting and bring a smile to your face at the office, in your precious downtime or as a gift for a special celebration or person in your life!