We all know how the daily rummage through the Bermuda Triangle that is your sock drawer can leave you frustrated at best and late for work at worst! So it’s a rainy Sunday, Netflix on in the background, and time to sort out your sock life! But where do you start? Those all-encompassing questions, how can I have so many odd socks, why have I got a drawer full of mismatched designs, and the burning question, how many socks do I need? So let’s get started with the short answer as to how many socks is enough socks! How many socks do I need? How many socks you need is a combination of various factors. It will depend on how your working week and downtime are divided and also a balance of your budget and how often you want to do your laundry. A good rule of thumb is twice the amount you need so you always have a fresh clean pair. So now we’ve nailed the brief, let’s dive a bit deeper and begin by looking at the importance of knowing how you roll in your working, playing and your general lifestyle in order to work out how many socks are necessary, along with some of the occasions you might encounter requiring an addition to your sock ensemble. Let’s start by looking at how many socks you need for work.


How many socks do I need for work?

So making do with two pairs which you turn inside out to ring the changes isn’t going to cut it with your work colleagues, however much you try to convince yourself.


Good hygiene

These days good hygiene is a must at work and those that flout those rules do so at their own peril! You may get a hand on your shoulder and taken off to HR for a dressing down (pardon the pun) if you are the guy with his shoes off under the desk and your sock footwear is shall we say, less than fragrant!


Working from home

Even if you work from home, it’s essential to keep good standards when it comes to your socks in order to keep bacteria at bay, and other nasties such as Athlete’s foot, which can cause itching, discomfort, and also pain in worse cases. So it’s worth making sure, even if your only co-worker is your cat, to regularly change your socks on a daily basis for work.


How many?

Obviously, there will be considerations here such as budget, etc., but in general, to keep your washing to a minimum it’s worth investing in double the amount the days you work. So for instance, if you work 3 days a week, having 6 pairs will make sure you always have some clean freshly washed socks and will also help the environment by reducing your washing cycles. Now we’ve seen how many pairs of work socks you might need, what about socks for socializing? Let’s take a look.


“If you work 3 days a week, having 6 pairs will make sure you always

have some clean freshly washed socks.”


Socks for having fun

Enjoying your downtime with your family and friends is an essential part of our socks working week. Most of us like to draw a line under our working day by grabbing a shower before heading off to have some fun. As generally the thought of putting socks back on that we’ve been sitting in all day at work, or sweating in on packed public transport is not a pleasant idea, so for that reason it’s worth putting aside a number of your cool sock wardrobe designated for fun, evenings out or simply to define the end of your working day. For the rest of our wardrobe, this goes without question such as changing out of work trousers into our comfy Levi’s, so it makes sense to give your socks the same courtesy.


dollar socks

“it’s worth putting aside a number of your sock wardrobe designated

for fun, evenings out, or simply to define the end of your working day.”


How many for fun?

So how many pairs of socks designated for your downtime will, of course, depend on your working patterns. As obviously the less you work, the more downtime you have. So essentially it’s a balance based on your own needs.


More socks, less laundry

However. It makes sense to have double the amount of socks you need, as mentioned before so you can do your bit for the environment by using less important resources such as water and less harmful substances such as detergents, fabric conditioners, and other laundry products. Also, it’s worth adding into the equation the energy used if you have an electric clothes dryer whirring round daily in order to make up for the fact you have a limited stock supply. So the general takeaway here is that it’s a balance between your budget, the time you want to devote to doing the laundry, and the importance of the environment to you.


fun ocean socks

So now we’ve seen the kind of sock numbers required for having fun with your buddies, meeting up with your family, and other social gatherings, let’s look at some occasions where you might find yourself counting the pairs of socks you have left - if any! The following occasions might be happening soon and you find yourself in need of good quality, well-made socks.



So it could be you’re either the groom or groomsmen at a wedding, or simply a guest to another special celebration such as an anniversary party, work event, or even Christmas or Easter. So it might be worth having a look through your sock drawer at this point and making sure you add a couple of new pairs for any kind of special occasion where you need to look your best. Having an extra couple of pairs, still pristine and new with labels in your drawer means you don’t have the urgency of shopping for new socks to add to your shopping list. A really handy tip if you are the kind of person to leave things until the last minute! (aren’t we all!) So how many do you need for special occasions? Let’s take a look.


reindeer socks

How many socks for special occasions?

Of course, it will really depend on your diary for the year, but it’s always worth getting a fun pair of Christmas socks in hand ready for the big day. Buying early also gives you the advantage of any discounts there might be available, as well as getting super organized. If you know you have a wedding to go to in the near future and your sock wardrobe isn’t looking it’s best, make sure you don’t let the rest of your outfit down by rocking up to the reception in a faded pair of holey socks, or worst still mismatched socks!

So if we are drilling right down into hard numbers, it’s best to put aside some brand new socks for real occasions, or socks that you keep for such occasions. Obviously, your Christmas socks will only come out once a year ( unless you are partial to a Christmas image at any time of the year!) so once you have made the purchase, and with only a couple of wears per year, it’s a good investment.



“Having an extra couple of pairs, still pristine and new with labels in your

drawer means you don’t have the urgency of shopping for new socks.”


And finally…

We hope this has given you a great starting point for looking at your socks collection with more of a plan in mind. If you’re stuck on what to do? Then take a look at our collections to give you that much-needed inspiration!