So it’s approaching your big day! You’ve had so much to think about with venues, dresses, flowers and not to mention who will sit next to Aunt Jean at the reception! Weddings are such a busy and more importantly, expensive time so it makes sense to shop wisely and make sure you include super quality accessories for all members of the wedding party including the groom! Here at Westsocks we know how important it is to the Happy couple to make sure everything goes smoothly and attention to detail is the best it can be! From head to toe, including the socks on your feet - you should be looking and feeling your best! So let’s give you a quick takeaway answer as to what color the groomsmen socks should be to make sure your important day is one to remember! What color should a groomsmen’s socks be? Groomsmen can choose more traditional colors, such as grey, black or brown or be adventurous with color with a pair of fun, funky and humorous colored socks to inject his personality into the big day. Pastels, dark and vibrant colors are all a perfect choice for a wedding. There’s no definitive sock color required for a groomsmen Now we’ve looked at the quick answer as to whether you should be color coordinating your groom from head to foot, in order to help us understand a little more about the best color socks a groomsman should wear, let’s start by looking at some important information to take in consideration when choosing the grooms accessories.


What to know about choosing grooms accessories and socks

From socks to cummerbunds, braces or cufflinks, there’s no better way of dressing up your suit for your special day than making sure your accessories perfectly compliment your chosen wedding theme. If you’re planning a wedding in 2020 and beyond, it’s a good idea to look at the key wedding trends to help you create the day of your dreams. We know that the big decisions will come first, but it’s important not to overlook the smaller details too, such as grooms men’s socks. Adding those final touches to your outfit can make a big difference and particularly for the groom as they can really help to let your personality shine through. Whether you’re working with a color palette or a particular theme, you will be spoilt for choice on adding those carefully chosen little extras.


“We know that the big decisions will come first, but it’s

important not to overlook the smaller details too.”

So now we’ve seen how important it is to make sure the groom can add a little style, humor and really show his personality, let’s take a look at some ideas of designs which are perfect for the ceremony and the grooms all-important accessories.


Groomsmen sock designs

Even if your wedding is more traditional, it can be a fabulous way to bring a touch of humor or a style statement to the groomsmen’s feet! Of course, it’s important to check with the bride first that she isn’t expecting a more traditional style, but once you’ve got the all-important go-ahead to inject a bit of personality into the proceedings, the world is your oyster in terms of the kinds of colors and designs that are available. Let’s take a look at some sock designs below to inspire you both in your quest for an on-trend way to show the world how you rock on your special day!




Stripes are a perfect choice for those who perhaps don’t want to go the whole hog with overly quirky colored socks on your celebration day. A coordinated stripe can work really well by adding a splash of accent color without appearing too controversial or moving too far away from the color pallet of the wedding. Stripes are classy and can mix perfectly with the overall wedding theme. However, a vibrant mixed color stripe will be a real talking point amongst the guests while also adding a contrast to the more traditional wedding themes. Why not invest in a whole set as gifts for the important men in the wedding party such as brides father, best man, ushers, etc.


“A coordinated stripe can work really well by adding a

splash of accent color without appearing too controversial

or moving too far away from the color pallet of the wedding"



Spotty socks

Socks with spots can work very similarly to stripes, with the fact they can inject a shot of color and personality without being too heavy on the eye. Traditional black and white polka dot socks are never out of fashion or outdated and can bring a touch of nostalgia to maybe a vintage wedding or of course, will provide the perfect complement to the groom’s wedding suit and the bride’s dress. For those grooms who really want to get noticed, maybe a multi-colored spot can add a little bit of an edge to traditional proceedings and help to put the groom in the spotlight.


“Traditional black and white polka dot socks

are never out of fashion”



Argyle socks

An argyle design is a little more traditional when looking at socks for the groom’s celebration day. With amazing colors such as blue and pink to help pull together the color theme for the rest of the day, an argyle pattern is a perfect choice for those looking for a perfect sock accessory. Or why not really go to town and wow your guests with a vibrant mixed color pallet? They’ll add a touch of swagger while keeping things a little more based on convention.


argyle socks


Fun and funky socks

So when it’s time for the groom’s big day, cool, fun and funky socks can bring the house down! Although the groom might be looking to have some fun on his important day, it’s still possible to co-ordinate and/or complement the wedding theme color pallet. For those grooms who are looking to stand out on his big day ...although upstaging the bride is not allowed! There’s a wealth of fabulously fun patterns, themes, and colors to choose from. From bolder stripes, vibrant spot prints and geometric styles in a wealth of striking colorways. Let’s take a look below at some of our favorite styles available. These styles are also perfect as a gift for the groomsmen and for the other wedding party guests. Your best man would certainly relax into his duties and feel the pressure of his important role fall away knowing he is wearing a pair of humorous or fun socks in bold colors!
    • Fluffy sheep Perfect for weddings based in the outdoors or with a vintage country theme
    • Zebra socks Unleash your wild side with a pair of funky striped zebra socks
    • Black shark Add a bit of drama to your big day with a pair of eye-catching shark designed socks! Perfect to inject a bit of humor into your celebration day
    • Get me a beer Enough said!


And finally...

Make sure you browse our wonderful, colorful, vibrant and quirky socks - designed to bring a touch of fun and humor to your big day! We have a wealth of socks made from a high-quality fabric mix, including individual pairs and also sock sets which make a perfect gift for the one you love!