It's tempting to treat socks as an afterthought, but if they provide a flash of color when worn with a suit, you could be the one who commands the room? So are you going to just simply blend into the background or are you going to make a statement with a bold pair of stylish and funky socks? In this article, we’re going to let you know if you can wear argyle socks with a suit ...and answer other important argyle socks related questions along the way... So let’s take a look first at the short answer as to whether it’s ok to wear a pair of argyle socks with the staple of the best-dressed man's wardrobe, your suit. Can I wear a pair of argyle socks with my suit? A pair of well made authentically patterned argyle socks will bring a stylish, contemporary yet still classic look to your suits. Argyle socks on a huge array of color schemes can complement your business suit or wedding suit whether it is traditional grey, black or navy. Men’s socks have often been relegated to the bottom of the accessory pile when it comes to showing your personality, demonstrating your individuality or even just being part of your overall style focus. Before we can get to the bottom of whether it’s ok to rock a pair of super cool, colorful, fun argyle socks with your new suit, your interview or wedding suit, or indeed any time a suit is required, let’s start by taking a closer look at some of the finer details of how to wear your suit with style. Some sartorial do’s and dont’s.


How to wear your suit with style

It's all about a glove-like fit and attention to detail. Don't get bogged down by the rules- if there's one thing that guarantees instant attention, that of the good kind, everywhere you go, it's a suit that fits like a dream. So obviously we’ll start with the most important sock detail and then go on to give you a few of the unspoken suit rules!
  • Make sure that your socks are long enough - that there’s no exposed leg when sitting down. Everyone will be able to see a glimpse of your fab argyle socks!
  • The last button should always be open - The last button on your suit isn’t a requirement and shouldn’t be buttoned up.
  • Shirt cuffs shouldn't go over the hands - If it does, you're wearing the wrong size shirt.
  • Don't go overboard with accessories - If you're trying to look clean and sophisticated, just let your suit do the talking. When it comes to dressing up, less can indeed be more. Just a few well-chosen ones, obviously a cool pair of argyle socks would be just the thing to round off a great look!

As we know every girl’s crazy about a sharply dressed man and now we’ve seen some hacks on how to look the bomb in your chic suit, let’s delve a little further into what the ‘sock and suit’ rules are, if any. Let’s find out.


Are there any formal sock/suit rules?

The world of convention and formality will, of course, have some long-standing ‘rules’ about what color or style socks to wear with what kind of formal wear, such as suits. Historically, the basic rule of thumb for men's socks is pretty simple. If you are looking for a really formal look, The color of your sock should match the color of your trousers. So for instance, black socks with black trousers, charcoal trousers with darker grey socks, blue socks with blue suits, etc.. However, as we know, rules are made to be broken!


What kind of patterned socks look cool with a suit?

So there is a wealth of cool ‘Bright’ socks that can look great with a suit. Socks with classic patterns such as Paisley and Argyle hit the ‘keeping it real’ mark when wearing on more formal occasions. Paisley is a definitive, well known and also well-loved pattern, which has origins in Persia and India. With its elegant teardrop pattern will always give a distinct edge to your suit, while keeping the whole look individual. Argyle patterns are also a classic design with the capacity to turn up the contemporary switch to your suit-wearing situations. Let’s take a closer look at the origins of this timeless design.


“Socks with classic patterns such as paisley and Argyle hit the ‘keeping it real’ mark when wearing on more formal occasions.”


Argyle socks origin

No one knows for sure where this archetypal design originated. Experts debate as to exactly where the Argyle made its first appearance, but opinion is weighted towards Argyll in Scotland. Others aren’t convinced because of the spelling anomaly. Regardless of where this well-loved pattern originated there is no doubt that it dates back to the Scottish clansman way back in the 16th century, where their tartans were used as foot covers creating that unique diamond


So now we’ve seen where argyle socks originated and that they really do look awesome with a suit, let’s look into whether it’s ok to don those brave highlander socks for your wedding day. Let’s find out.


Can I wear argyle socks with a wedding suit?

For many, your wedding is the best day of your life and a chance to really show your personality as you are the star of the show! Your wedding day is one day in your life when you can make a statement! You will be ‘on stage’ all day, so it can be one of the best times to show the world who you are! Convention tells us that a more conservative blue or black plain sock is the formal way forwards, but donning a pair of individual, funky argyle socks alongside your wedding suit will give you a little edge!


Green Argyle Socks

Ok so we now know that argyle socks can rev up your classic grey wedding day suit, so Let’s take a look and see if argyle socks work with suits of a blue hue, such as navy.


“donning a pair of individual, funky argyle socks alongside your wedding suit will give you a little edge!”


Can I wear argyle socks with a blue suit?

Choosing a blue wedding suit is a great way to slip off the more formal dark greys for a wedding, so what kind of socks work with blue suits? For a really smart, clean and sharp look, argyle socks teamed with navy and light blue will look stunning and will even coordinate beautifully with any pale blues in the bride's bouquet. Or maybe simply choose your socks to give a real edgy ‘clash’ to the color scheme, but maybe hit on an accent color that works well with the wedding color scheme. These fab pops of color will look great on your groomsmen and they will be able to wear and enjoy them well beyond your celebration day with a neat blazer, jeans and a tee.


“maybe simply choose your socks to give a real edgy ‘clash’ to the color scheme,”


And finally...

Our argyle sock collection is a perfect dress sock for the office, a wedding, day to day wear and parties. We have a huge array of argyle sock colors to coordinate or ‘clash’ wonderfully with any occasion requiring your best bib and tucker, depending on which way you roll! Don’t forget to check out our collection in store to add a touch of individuality and swagger where ever you are dressing up in style.


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