It’s nearly that time of the year for our kids to go back to school. After such a chaotic year, we are excited for our kids to go back to school and have some sort of normalcy.

Our kids are super excited and we should all be too. You and your kids should be super excited to show off some super cool socks to your friends.

Here is our 2021 back to school sock guide

We went through some of our favorite subjects to pick out some funky socks for the school year. Consider this your syllabus to pass the class.

For the Musician

Hit The Key Notes Socks - Shop Now 

For the Mathematician

Fun Algebra Socks - Shop Now

For the Athlete

Go for Goal Soccer Socks - Shop Now

For the Botanist

Gardener Socks - Shop Now

Women's Bright Flowers Socks - Shop Now

For the History buff

Women's Purple Starry Night Socks - Shop Now

Statue of Liberty Socks - Shop Now

For the Apprentice

The Diligent Plumber Socks - Shop Now

For the Climatologist

Rain or Shine Socks - Shop Now


For the Oceanography

Under The Sea Socks - Shop Now


For The Beer Drinkers

Black Beer Socks - Shop Now

Women's Beer Socks - Shop Now


A Message To All The Teachers & Students this year

We would like to wish everybody a happy and successful school year. We appreciate everybody here at WestSocks and we hope a fun pair of men’s socks or women’s socks is all you need to bring a smile to your face and the face of others.