Socks are one of such indispensable items that are very much worthy of our attention.


In contemporary times; there is an emerging realization of the significance of socks in overall dressing. Though socks have never acquired as imperative status as they deserve, they still possess all that it takes to be a weighty contributor to style statement.


Can you imagine your life without fun socks?


Markets today have an abundance of options in different types and patterns of socks like musical socks, space socks, crazy socks, and many more, so it's crucial to look over different features of each sock type which has an amalgamation of style and comfort.


This comprehensive guide will enlighten you with the different types of socks and their features.


Fun Women's Socks:

Women's everyday socks should be made of different compositions of cotton, nylon, and spandex. The fact that should be considered while buying them is that premium combed cotton should cover the maximum part, and other parts such as nylon and spandex should be only limited.


What makes socks durable? The proportion of synthetic fibers makes socks more durable and abrasion-resistant. The addition of nylon in the socks only ensures the dimension's stability.


Comfort matters: Women need socks that are fit and comfortable to the feet. So the composition of the fabric as well as the design matters.


The material of socks adored by women: The materials which women adore are satin, silk, and synthetic fibers, and they look perfect for any occasion. The properties of the sock material should always match the season and the needs of the wearer.


Tip: When you buy cool socks for women, look for both the cut and fit; never buy socks that are too small. Do not forget that pattern and color of stockings play a considerable role in the appearance of your foot and the style you are going towards. Shop funky women's socks from WestSocks today.



Fun Socks for Men:

Interestingly, men's novelty socks have evolved with time. If we consider the classic, that is, the black cotton sock, which offers not only style but also comfort. On top of that businessmen across the world opt for a more traditional pattern of argyle socks or striped socks.


Apart from cotton, men's crazy socks also need to have the contents of nylon and spandex. These materials are responsible for providing moisture permeability, flexibility,  and enhance the durability of the socks.


Socks made of premium combed cotton: The socks which are made of combed cotton are a luxury in keeping your feet cozy.


Silk socks: Silk socks go perfectly with an evening suit, they look royal however, they are sensitive to feet.


Changes in color preference: Men no longer only stick to dark color socks; they have started experimenting with other color combinations and even patterns.



Fun Dress Socks: A must for the Office or Event

Men's dress socks should, like others, focus on comfort and high quality. Business meetings and events demand comfort for a long time, so you need to rely on such socks only. You can better rely on handwork as these socks usually have chain-linked socks toe, so they have a long life. The sock toe is pressure-free and has elasticity.


Combination of materials to prefer: You should prefer socks with a combination of natural fiber and polyamide, so these socks dry much faster due to polyamide.


Apart from that, you can also rely on cashmere socks because they keep you warm and do not scratch. Shop fun dress socks today from WestSocks.



Cool Kid's Socks:

Children's socks have a wide variety of styles. There are cool kids’ socks, sneaker socks, and knee socks. Sliding socks are the best for children as children are at the risk of falling apart.


Comfort should be the topmost priority for children. As far as colors and patterns are concerned, then you should let them choose themselves. Your kids will never take them off.



The sports Socks: Must buy for Sports

Sports socks are indispensable for every athlete. Sports socks need to have a high-tech material mix for athletes who have a burning desire to do well in their sports. Athletes have the high requirements that their feet should not get sweaty so sports socks should cater to such requirements.


Why prefer sports socks? The sports stocking can protect your feet from the issues like blisters, pressure pains, and a bad cold. The comfort can provide extra boost to your performance.


Combination materials: Sports socks should have paddled on the ball with the heel to protect the foot from any strain. The composition that plays a crucial role in sports socks is fabrics such as spandex or Lycra to ensure that they have a perfect fit.


All in all, it is essential to find the right socks precisely as per the occasion. While choosing the latest crazy designed socks or casual socks, make comfort the foremost factor, on the other hand, style and patterns should be followed by comfort.